3D printing with ASA

3D printing with ASA (a copolymer of Acrylonitrile - Styrene - Acrylate) is very usesul for parts that are going to be exposed outdoors, where ultraviolet light and water are commonplace in the environments they are going to be used in. The mechanical properties of this material, comparable to those of ABS, mean that like items printed with ABS, they are robust, with a good finish, and with the additional benefit that they do not turn yellow or lose colour over time.


3D printing process with ASA

3D printing with ASA should be carried out at a bed temperature of between 90-110 °C. The extrusion heads must be between 220-250 °C. In comparison with ABS, there is less warping.

Technical specifications of ASA

  • A wide range of colours
  • Tensile strength: 40 MPa01. 01.
  • Flexural modulus: 1.7 GPa02. 02.
  • Shock resistance: 441 J/m03. 03.
  • Softening temperature: 86°C. 04.
  • Excellent resistence to UV rays and inclement weather
  • Strong dimensional stability, less thermal contraction that ABS
  • Better processed than ABS
Technical data sheet


Custom parts of 3D printed ASA

When printing with ASA it is important to do so in a heated chamber to avoid warping and cracking. Once the item is perfectly produced, it will maintain its colour and properties for a long time, even when exposed to inclement weather. It is a material that can replace ABS and be used for the same applications when used outdoors.

The process step by step

3D file

Send us your 3D file ready to print.
If you do not have the file, send us the item and we will create the CAD file.
If you need a design from scratch, our designers will gladly prepare a quote for you.

3D Printing

We will create the process file adapted to the technology and materials that will be used to produce your item.
We prepare and condition the printer to guarantee optimum quality.

Cleaning and post processing

This step is key when meeting your requirements, and it is one that we are highly specialised in.
The removal of the printing support structures, heat treatments, and surface finishes (blasting, polishing, tooling) are some of the most common post processes.


Applications of p3D printed ASA

Due to the general properties of ASA being similar to those of ABS, their applications are also similar, but all of them are apt to work outdoors, under UV light or with rain.

Electrical components
Prototypes and Short-Runs
Outdoor uses

Printing machinery

Used with ASA
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3NTR A2

3NTR is one of the leading professional plastic printer manufacturers. Its large AS model has a liquid cooled extruder that allows engineered plastics to be printed.


Large items can be printed up to 600 x 325 x 500 mm.


One of the best qualities of the 3NTR-A2 is that almost any FDM developed filament can be used.

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Other materials

In addition to ASA, we offer 3D printing in plastic in the following materials. Take a look and decide which one best suits your needs.

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