3D printing with Polycarbonate

3D printed polycarbonate (PC) produces excellent shock resistant and transparent parts. It is a light and resistant thermoplastic material ideal for a range of professional applications. However, parts printed with PC can absorb moisture if in contact with water and are not hugely resistant to the elements, so it is not the best material for outdoor use.


3D printing process with polycarbonate

PC is considered to be a technical plastic so must be processed in professional 3D printers in which the printing chamber can be heated to 90-100 ºC and the extruders can be heated up to 285 ºC.

Technical specifications of Polycarbonate

  • Standard PC
  • Fireproof PC
  • PC + 30% fibreglass
  • Tensile strength: 60 MPa 01.
  • Tensile modulus: 2 GPa 02.
  • Softening temperature: 113 °C. 03.

Its excellent shock resistance is its main benefit over other materials that can be 3D printed. Parts printed with PC have good fire resistance and temperature stability. Parts printed with PC are ideal when working close to a heat source.

Technical data sheet


Custom parts of 3D printed Polycarbonate

In addition to its excellent shock resistance, parts printed with PC offer a minimal degree of flexibility so that the part can warp without causing damaging cracks or breaks. It can also be bent without the printed part breaking.

The process step by step

3D File

Send us your 3D file ready to print.
If you do not have the file, send us the item and we will create the CAD file.
If you need a design from scratch, our designers will gladly prepare a quote for you.

3D Printing

We will create the process file adapted to the technology and materials that will be used to produce your item.
We prepare and condition the printer to guarantee optimum quality.

Cleaning and post processing

This step is key when meeting your requirements, and it is one that we are highly specialised in.
The removal of the printing support structures, heat treatments, and surface finishes (blasting, polishing, tooling) are some of the most common post processes.


Applications of 3D printed Polycarbonate

PC is considered to be a technical or engineering plastic, so its 3D print uses are related to sectors which largely require the properties it possesses, such as high temperature environments, mechanical shock situations, and contact with chemical agents.

Tools subject to high impacts
Functional prototypes
Hot machinery parts

Printing machinery

Used with Polycarbonate
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3NTR A2

3NTR is one of the leading professional plastic printer manufacturers. Its large AS model has a liquid cooled extruder that allows engineered plastics to be printed.


Large items can be printed up to 600 x 325 x 500 mm.


One of the best qualities of the 3NTR-A2 is that almost any FDM developed filament can be used.

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Other materials

In addition to PC, we offer 3D printing in plastic in the following materials. Take a look and decide which one best suits your needs.

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