Quality policy


ADDIMEN, S.A. is a company dedicated to additive manufacturing, characterised by its ability to meet the needs of its customers in a very short period of time and by its efficiency in resolving customer needs and unforeseen events.

ADDIMEN, S.A. seeks a line of constant growth within the framework of the commitment to continuous improvement provided by the implementation of a Quality System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

The Management of ADDIMEN, S.A. focuses the Quality Management System and the continuous improvement of its efficiency on the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction, complying with its external and internal requirements and with those legally established, as well as those of the product/service itself.

For this reason, the Management declares the Quality Management System as a strategic and priority objective, finding its foundations and commitments in:

The correct development of the implementation of the QUALITY management system is the responsibility of everyone and has the backing and commitment of the Management.
QUALITY is oriented towards the SATISFACTION OF ALL OUR CUSTOMERS through the commitment of the entire organisation to meet their needs and requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements related to the product.
QUALITY directs us to pay maximum attention to technological evolution and to the possible improvements that new technologies make available to us.
QUALITY requires the participation and collaboration of EVERYONE, so it is essential to take into account MOTIVATION, TRAINING AND COMMUNICATION.
The loyalty of our customers is achieved through a high degree of customer satisfaction.
Compliance with legal environmental requirements.
Compliance with legal occupational health and safety requirements.

For the effective application of these principles, it is absolutely necessary that they be supported by the Management and the entire staff, as well as by suppliers and customers.