Quality policy


Addimen is a company that concentrates its activities on the design and manufacture of metal parts through additive manufacturing.
Addimen’s objective is to meet all of our clients’ needs in as short a time as possible, and its priority is to quickly and effectively resolve the needs and any possible incidents that arise for our clients.
In order to keep our clients happy, Addimen focuses its engery on its Quality Control System and the continuous improvement of its efficiency in compliance with its external, internal, and legally established requirements, in addition to its own product/service requirements.
In this regard, its foundations and commitments are:

  • The correct undertaking of the quality control system implementation.
  • The satisfaction of every client, meaning that our quality is based on meeting the needs and requirements defined by our clients, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements related with the product.
  • Maximum care is taken in regard to technological evolution, and any possible improvements that are available to us.
  • Motivation, training, and education of our professionals.
  • Customer loyalty thanks to the high number of satisifed clients.

Quick manufacturing processes, on demand production, reducing delivery and storage times, and a decrease in the consumption of raw materials and energy resulting in a reduced environmental impact are all factors that contribute to the development of additive manufacturing in regard to the current manufacturing technologies around today.
At Addimen we are well aware of the benefits offered to the industry by this technology, which is why we aim to be a sector leader, proposing innovative quality solutions for the design and manufacturing of metal parts.