Success stories



Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical and refinery industry is noted for using a lot of pumps to carry and control all of the fluids for its processes. Each type of fluid, pump, and fluid mechanics usually require a certain kind of pump. These conditions mean that refinery plants use an enormous number of pumps, which mean a lot of different spares need to be kept resulting in fixed storage requirements at a high cost.

Gonvarri Industries

The Gonvarri group is a global leader in the steel and aluminium transformation sector, with over 45 factories across the world. The Lean Manufacturing teams from Gonvarri have worked closely with us to develop personalised tooling for their processes in order to improve the productivity and the ergonomics for their employees. As a result of this collaboration with the engineering teams, a diverse range of tooling has been developed for flat steel cutting lines, avoiding downtimes. Below is just one example of how the health of operators has been improved.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz, as a car manufacturer, has highly automated assembly plants. This high number of robots means that the arms and mechanisms associated with these are extensive, and they require personalisation. Additionally, when the collective weight of the parts that need to be assembled is particularly high, the robot suffers a lot when turning its arm, resulting in tooling breakages, downtimes, and increased consumption.