FDM 3D printing technology

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) printing technology is the most popular of the 3D printing technologies on the market. 3D plastic FDM printers cast a filament of a thermoplastic polymer to deposit it over a solid layer that was previously deposited, the heat of the casted material then recasts the solidified layer so that both join and form a uniquely printed item. The joining between the layers is also added to by the pressure exerted by the protruding cast of the 3D printer over the solid layer.


3D FDM printing process

“The first step is to prepare the print code or Gcode that contains the direction of the part, and the process parameters, such as the temperature of the chamber, the base, and the extruders, as well as the flow speed of the material and the height of the layer. Once this Gcode has been created, the 3D printing process begins, the supports are removed, and post processing is undertaken.”

Technical specifications of FDM technology

  • Thermoplastic materials
  • Soft materials
  • Combined printing
  • Mechanical accuracy: 0.11 mm 01.
  • Maximum extrusion temperature: 450°C 02.
  • Print volume: 600x325x500 mm 03.
  • No. of extruders: 3 04.

Our multi-extruder printer is able to combine various materials into one item. The supports are easily removed as the materials acting as a support dissolve. The large scale of our printer means we can manufacture increased volumes of parts that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture with a desktop or conventional printer.

Part filling with FDM manufacturing

Although solid objects can be manufactured by FDM, it is more common to produce the piece with an interior filling that provides the structure required to guarantee the mechanical and dimensional properties. This filling can be of square, rectangular, or honeycomb geometrics, and as a result the manufacturing time and cost of the printed part is considerably reduced.

Step by step process

3D File

– Send us your 3D file ready to print.
– If you do not have the file, send us the item and we will create the CAD file.
– If you need a design from zero, our designers will gladly prepare a quote for you.

3D Printing

– We will create the process file adapted to the technology and materials that will be used to produce your item.
– We prepare and condition the printer to guarantee optimum quality.

Cleaning and post processing

This step is key when meeting your requirements, and it is one that we are highly specialised in.
The removal of the printing support structures, heat treatments, and surface finishes (blasting, polishing, tooling) are some of the most common post processes.

Uses of FDM technology

Thanks to the wide range of plastic materials that our professional 3D printer can print, the prototypes and functional parts can be used in a variety of sectors such as:

Automobile Industry
Industrial tooling
Robotic arms
Machine and electro-domestic parts

Printing machinery


3NTR is one of the leading professional plastic printer manufacturers. Its large AS model has a liquid cooled extruder that allows engineered plastics to be printed.


Large items can be printed up to 600x325x500 mm.


One of the best qualities of the 3NTR-A2 is that almost any FDM developed filament can be used.

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3D Printing with Plastic

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