SLM 3D printing technology

This is the most well-known technology for printing metal items, its name comes from Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and it is a powder bed printing technique. The SLM technology casts the metallic powder, layer by layer, in an inert atmosphere chamber. During the printing process, a laser completely melts the alloy metal powder deposited on the surface and bonds it to the previous layers of the model. In order for this process to be effective, the alloy must have a low carbon content.


3D printing process through SLM technology

Just like with other 3D printing technologies, it starts with the creation of a print Gcode with the process parameters. In SLM technology, the most important things are: layer thickness, speed, journey distance, and laser or inert gas flow exposure time.

Technical specifications of SLM technology

  • Single laser
  • Multi laser
  • Printed item density > 99 % 01.
  • Tolerance: 0.2 mm 02.
  • Print volume: 250x250x300 mm 03.
  • 70-micron laser beam 04.
  • Unlike electron beam melting, Selective Laser Melting permits fresh powder to be removed without melting any of the part’s internal channels and without them being blocked by the powder.
  • It can be hybridized with 3D metallic printing, with a tooling plug to reduce costs.
  • Open machine parameters to develop more materials.

What does the powder bed melting process include?

The SLM printer deposits a fine layer of metallic powder over a metal base which will be selectively melted by a laser in accordance with the print code previously prepared by the software. The process is then repeated, melting layers over other layers to build the part and its support. Finally, the part is left surrounded by the metallic powder that has not been processed and which should be screened to be reused on the next print.

The process step by step

3D File

Send us your 3D file ready to print.
If you do not have the file, send us the item and we will create the CAD file.
If you need a design from scratch, our designers will gladly prepare a quote for you.

3D Printing

We will create the process file adapted to the technology and materials that will be used to produce your item.
We prepare and condition the printer to guarantee optimum quality.

Cleaning and post processing

This step is key when meeting your requirements, and it is one that we are highly specialised in.
The removal of the printing support structures, heat treatments, and surface finishes (blasting, polishing, tooling) are some of the most common post processes.

Applications of SLM technology

3D metal printing with SLM has the potential to be used in technical sectors that demand high performing parts, such as the aerospace, automobile, biomedicine, and tooling sectors.

Cast prototypes
Lightened structural components
Heat exchangers
Mould inserts with conformal cooling

Printing machinery

Used in SLM technology
Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Renishaw AM500S Flex

The Renishaw AM500S Flex is made for industry 4.0 process methods with optical system control and system processes. Its 500 W laser enables exceptional precision for manufacturing components with > 99.9% density, maximum strength and ductility.


The construction volume is 250 x 250 x 350 mm


The versatility of its design and the possibility of generating new process parameters make this equipment ideal for working with many different materials.

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