3D scanning of parts

3D scanning of parts is a widely known technique in the industrial sector, especially when it comes to quality control in manufacturing processes. In our case, we use a 3D laser scanner to obtain three dimensional models of items that we do not have the plans for. Once the laser scanner has produced its scatter diagram, we process the data to create a high-quality CAD file that can be then 3D printed with our equipment. This comprehensive process, which uses the part itself to create its plans and CAD file, is known as reverse engineering.


How can our 3D part scanning services help you?

Our reverse engineering service, 3D scanning plus printing, is useful for those parts that cannot be found in catalogues, have no plans, or that are spares for machinery that is no longer made, as it is essential to have plans and especially, somebody able to manufacture the spare with the guarantee that it is going to work.

  • The creation of a virtual warehouse of spares which are no longer available or which there are no plans for.
  • The possibility of reconstructing broken or damaged parts to create a practical 3D model.
  • The possibility of redesigning a part to improve it.

Prototyping and short runs

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Spares on demand

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Mould Inserts

We design conformal cooling channels for plastic and aluminium injection inserts. With our inserts the cycle time is improved in addition to the quality of the injected item.

Improved processes

We analyse your industrial process and apply additive engineering to redesign tools