Gonvarri Industries

The Gonvarri group is a global leader in the steel and aluminium transformation sector, with over 45 factories across the world. The Lean Manufacturing teams from Gonvarri have worked closely with us to develop personalised tooling for their processes in order to improve the productivity and the ergonomics for their employees. As a result of this collaboration with the engineering teams, a diverse range of tooling has been developed for flat steel cutting lines, avoiding downtimes. Below is just one example of how the health of operators has been improved.


The basis of the problem


The excessive weight of the adjusting nut of the longitudinal cutting shaft makes it difficult and ergonomically complicated to operate.


A unique design with a hollow and meshed structure
Weight reduction from 17 kg to 5kg
Personalised text


Reduction of staff turnover
Quicker changes
Inclusion of connectors


The plant team identifies the problem, Addimen then analyses a functional redesign, manufactures a plastic prototype, checks it with the final client, and the definitive tooling is then manufactured with metal.

3D scanning of parts

we use a 3D laser scanner to obtain three dimensional models of items wich we do not have the drawings.

Prototyping and short runs

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Spares on demand

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Mould Inserts

We design conformal cooling channels for plastic and aluminium injection inserts. With our inserts the cycle time is improved in addition to the quality of the injected item.

Process boosting

We analyse your industrial process and apply additive engineering to redesign tools