Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz, as a car manufacturer, has highly automated assembly plants. This high number of robots means that the arms and mechanisms associated with these are extensive, and they require personalisation. Additionally, when the collective weight of the parts that need to be assembled is particularly high, the robot suffers a lot when turning its arm, resulting in tooling breakages, downtimes, and increased consumption.


The basis of the problem


The conventional design of the door handle mechanism on a van broke due to the excessive weight of the van itself and the robotic arm.



54% lighter
Reduced torque by up to 60%
Energy savings of 60%


Less breakages of the robotic wrist
Short delivery time.
Reduced costs.


The process engineers at the Vitoria Mercedes plant worked together with Addimen to redesign and optimise the new tool.
The requirement concept for these kinds of collaborations is key for the success of the tool once implemented.

3D scanning of parts

we use a 3D laser scanner to obtain three dimensional models of items wich we do not have the drawings.

Prototyping and short runs

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Spares on demand

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Mould Inserts

We design conformal cooling channels for plastic and aluminium injection inserts. With our inserts the cycle time is improved in addition to the quality of the injected item.

Process boosting

We analyse your industrial process and apply additive engineering to redesign tools