Prototyping and short runs

One of the most popular uses of 3D printing is the manufacturing of single units or short-run plastic or metal items. Among the various advantages of 3D printing is that no tooling or mounts are required for the manufacturing of 3D parts in plastic or metal. This means designers are able to quickly iterate and validate their designs, reducing the time it takes for products to reach the market. 3D printing technology and the postprocesses used at Addimen result in the production of fully functional parts in record time.


How can our prototype and item manufacturing services help you?

Our plastic and metal part manufacturing workshop has the latest technology and tools to turn your products ideas into a reality.
With 3D manufactured prototypes you can validate the geometry and mechanical properties of your design.

  • The delivery times of your prototypes are reduced, streamlining design iterations.
  • Costs are reduced through quick optimisation, thanks to prototype validations and tooling modifications when it comes to the final production.
  • Short-run 3D printing is an ideal contingency plan in the case of any tooling faults or down time on production lines.

Other available services

3D scanning of parts

we use a 3D laser scanner to obtain three dimensional models of items wich we do not have the drawings.

Prototyping and short runs

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Spares on demand

High-quality production without tooling. Fully functioning parts.

Mould Inserts

We design conformal cooling channels for plastic and aluminium injection inserts. With our inserts the cycle time is improved in addition to the quality of the injected item.

Process boosting

We analyse your industrial process and apply additive engineering to redesign tools